The Motor Clean series includes machines ranging from 8 to 2113 gallons specifically designed for the cleaning of automotive components and accessories.

These machines facilitate the requirements of:  Garage workshops, commercial vehicle repair workshops, fuel test laboratoriesmarine engine repair, electrical engineers, aeronautical industry, precision and general engineering, engine rebuilding, turbocharger repair shops, etc.

The efficiency of Tierra Tech® ultrasonic cleaning systems for automotive parts is outstanding. Oils, grease and carbon can be removed quickly and efficiently. The machines within the Motor Clean series are specially designed for the cleaning of all types of components found within the motor Industry, including but not limited to the following; cylinder heads, cylinder blocks, crankshafts, camshafts, carburetors, con-rods, pistons, turbocharger components, diesel injectors, DPF filters, brake system components, gearbox and transmission components, radiators etc.


The Motor Clean series of machines uses the working frequency of 40 kHz (with a ±2%sweep system). This has been determined as the most effective for cleaning components within the sectors described above, as it achieves the best cleaning without damaging any soft materials like aluminum, magnesium, brass etc. For cleaning requirements not specified above, we may occasionally recommend an alternative frequency, such as 40-90 kHz (multi-frequency)for the cleaning of electronic plates or certain soft materials, or where the quality requirements of the client are very particular and 28 kHz (sweep system ±2%) for the cleaning of certain steel components with a large volume from the production engineering or marine industry. 

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